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Re: [atomic-devel] Anyone working on using ProjectAtomic for the desktop?

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> From: "Adam Miller" <maxamillion fedoraproject org>
> To: atomic-devel projectatomic io
> Sent: Friday, May 8, 2015 3:38:24 PM
> Subject: [atomic-devel] Anyone working on using ProjectAtomic for the	desktop?
> Hello all,
>     This might be a wildly off in the weeds topic but I thought this
> was the best place to bring it up. I've recently been shooting the
> breeze with Jim Perrin of the CentOS project on IRC about the idea of
> running a desktop image from inside a docker container (it works, but
> getting it to work as non-root is still evading us, I'm sure we're
> missing something silly).
>     Those conversations kind of lead to the idea of running
> ProjectAtomic as a desktop/laptop OS such that the core system is
> managed in a stable and atomic fashion via rpm-ostree and applications
> run inside of containers (docker, rkt, systemd-nspawn/machinectl,
> $whatever) using 'atomic install' as the application lifecycle
> mechanism. I'm unsure if the concept of running the desktop in a
> container as a super privileged container is the best approach, but it
> is one idea. I mostly wanted to bring all this up and talk a little
> about the background just to see what others thought and if there's
> anything in this space that would offer a reasonably elegant solution
> to the question, "how do I run ProjectAtomic as my desktop/laptop OS?"
> Apologies in advance if I'm just spouting from crazy town and thanks
> for humoring me. :)

I'm totally into it! Haven't tried it yet. I'm interested in a chromeos
type setup, but with a self-hosted web apps focus to it, using docker
to host those. 

If the graphical elements were kludgey to run as SPCs, then a custom
atomic image could provide them installed more traditionally, and
they'd still partake in atomic updates.


> -AdamM

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