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Re: [atomic-devel] awesome journald as a fully supported docker log driver got merged.

On 14.09.2015 14:53, Daniel J Walsh wrote:
> On 09/14/2015 02:02 AM, Nick Coghlan wrote:
>> On 13 September 2015 at 21:39, Daniel J Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> wrote:
>>> https://github.com/docker/docker/pull/13707
>>> Nice work Nalin Dahyabhai
>>> I think we should switch this to the default.  This would give us
>>> permanent logs of what is going on within a container.
>>> With the current docker logs driver, when the container gets removed
>>> from the system, all logging within the container
>>> also gets removed.
>> Could that potentially lead to better container log integration into
>> Cockpit? I'm really appreciating Cockpit as a local container
>> management tool during development, but an enhancement I would love to
>> see is having the log for the container appear on the container
>> details page, rather than having to interpret messages from the main
>> system log.
>> Regards,
>> Nick.
> Cockpit can either get the logs directly from journald or through the
> docker logs API. Of course
> it is up to them to implement this.

We already show the container logs in the kubernetes dashboard ... we
plan to sync the look and features over to the docker page too.


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