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[atomic-devel] Quorum-based voting for system upgrade

I was studying container based operating systems and I found out
either Atomic and CoreOS. While I feel more robust e coherent the
underline of Project Atomic with a Fedora based system, rather than a
custom fork, I think that what is really missed here is a feature like
CoreOS Update Strategy [1]

This let containers hosts being updated silently by pushing the update
remotely (solicitate an upgrade) and perform a reboot based some
strategies, where the most useful is the one that let the cluster of
hosts decide itself what system to reboot, thanks to a lock in the
etcd distribuited key-value store, that ensure rebooting only not busy
container hosts.

Were you thinking maybe this kind of model also for Project Atomic
about pushing updated and applying them silently in some smart way?

At the moment, in my opinion, where system upgrade check could be
simply run in a crontab, the needing of manually rebooting hosts could
be ok in bare-metal enviroments, but tricky in large deployments on
public clouds, for instance.

Kind Regards,

[1] https://coreos.com/os/docs/latest/update-strategies.html

Natale Vinto
FSF Member #8163
gpg keyserver: pool.sks-keyservers.net recv-keys 55260343
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