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[atomic-devel] UI for docker-storage-setup, use storaged?


I want to implement a Cockpit UI component for docker-storage-setup,
following this design by Garrett:


I am not too familier with Project Atomic (I have the t-shirt!), but
people keep saying that it might be problematic to build this on top of
storaged.  That would be the natural thing for me to do, since we have
already a lot of code and experience in Cockpit with storaged.

(Parts of) Cockpit are already part of the various Atomics root
filesystems, such as the cockpit-bridge and the various HTML/JS/CSS
assets that implement the actual UI.  (The optional web server
cockpit-ws is in a container).

Adding the docker-storage-setup UI to one of the Atomics would add to
the HTML/JS/CSS assets and would drag in storaged as a dependency.

What do you all think about this?  What are the criteria for allowing
storaged into the root filesystem?

Would anything change if we would use the venerable udisks2 instead of
the newer storaged?

Without storaged or udisks, we would need to reimplement the features we
need from them in JavaScript, by parsing the output of udevadm or via
other means.  I think that would be a waste of time.

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