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[atomic-devel] A quick note on Homu usage


For the entire time I've been maintaining projects on Github I have had this
deeply rooted unhappy feeling every time I clicked the merge button,
because I just really hate what the merge commits do to `git log`.  IMO, merge
commits make sense if you're the Linux kernel, but for smaller projects
are just ugly noise.

Github actually recently improved this:

However, over the last few weeks (before the Github change) I've been
switching more of the projects for which I am a primary maintainer over to my
personal instance of Homu: 

known as @cgwalters-bot.

Even after the Github change to support squashing, it has the nice advantage of implementing
a "merge queue" and testing each merge before commit.  Another benefit
of this that I like is being able to just drop an "r+ $sha" in a comment
and forget about the PR (assuming the tests pass).

Anyways, the plan is to move this functionality for Project Atomic into
atomic-bot at some point (hopefully soon).

In the meantime though, rpm-ostree is one example user of this:

So if you see some repos using this, that's the background.

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