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Re: [atomic-devel] UI for docker-storage-setup, use storaged?

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016, at 10:25 AM, Marius Vollmer wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to implement a Cockpit UI component for docker-storage-setup,
> following this design by Garrett:
>     https://github.com/cockpit-project/cockpit/wiki/Atomic:-Docker-Storage

I'm not sure I'd agree with putting Docker volumes out of scope even in
a first pass.  Or for that matter, Kubernetes PVs/PVCs.

I understand the motivation for an initial take that's simpler, but doing
both seems really necessary for any nontrivial usage, and I worry
about putting in a lot of effort into a design that would have to fundamentally

At least though in modern d-s-s @rhvgoyal changed things to use an
auto-growing pool, which means there's a lot less up-front commitment,
and the task for an admin can be more "add PVs", not "manage LVM
and guess how much I need for images vs volumes".

Storage is a real challenge for a few reasons - IME it's where
kind of leaves one hanging.  Not that it's the fault of that project - it
just becomes highly environment specific (if you're in a top-tier
virt cloud provider like AWS it's easy to delegate to EBS volumes), but outside of that
things get less streamlined.

> What do you all think about this?  What are the criteria for allowing
> storaged into the root filesystem?

Note we're working on a new SPC design, it might be possible for
storaged to run under that.  But that's an implementation detail, the
design is more important.

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