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[atomic-devel] centos atomic roadmap and future plans

i see that the atomic devel list is very active many people working on
many things and probably there are some clear directions and goals, but
it's not really clear for outsiders. imho it'd be very useful to clarify
a few things:

- is the atomic project (mainly the centos part) is independent of
redhat atomic or it's just a rebuild of redhat atomic (similar to

- or atomic (centos) is the test bed for atomic redhat?

- is there any roadmap or clear priorities, planed deadlines etc?

- is there any plan to dockerize those components which currently run on
the host (eg. kubernetes, etcd)?

- what about the openshift components? will them added to atomic project
or not?

- what about flannel? it'd be dockerized or replaced by openvswitch
which is used by openshift?

- what's the plane to include newer cockpit in atomic host? afais
cockpit 100 (even 101) released but the 2 days old atomic host update
only contains version 0.93 from january.

- who is in charge? i see on the list Josh, Colin, Daniel, Joe and many
others are working on many different things but can't find anywhere any
plan or design docs or something.

thanks in advance.

  Levente                               "Si vis pacem para bellum!"

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