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Re: [atomic-devel] centos atomic roadmap and future plans

On 04/13/2016 04:53 PM, Colin Walters wrote:
>> - is the atomic project (mainly the centos part) is independent of
>> redhat atomic or it's just a rebuild of redhat atomic (similar to
>> redhat->centos).
> There are two aspects to CentOS, and indeed this is very confusing.
> See:
> https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup
> The "CentOS Core"  is purely a rebuild from source of upstream binaries.

i know this:-)

> Whereas the other SIGs take arbitrary different code on top, newer
> versions of things, etc.

the question here is "centos atomic" a rebuild of "redhat atomic" or
it's not that simple?

>> - what about the openshift components? will them added to atomic project
>> or not?
> For upstream OpenShift Origin, there is indeed a containerized version
> available, and I certainly believe myself that supporting OpenShift should
> be a priority for Project Atomic, if not the #1 priority.

the most important component would be the openshift router, since
currently there is no such component in atomic setup and without it's no
usable project can be deployed.

>> - what about flannel? it'd be dockerized or replaced by openvswitch
>> which is used by openshift?
> I'm not a networking person, but ideally one of them would respond here...

this would be interesting to see which network overlay system to use.

>> - who is in charge? i see on the list Josh, Colin, Daniel, Joe and many
>> others are working on many different things but can't find anywhere any
>> plan or design docs or something.
> This partially devolves to the upstream of the individual projects, but
> this list should be used for inter-project coordination.

individual project are a separate think and easier thing. but for
example which component's which version put into atomic host is a harder
part and some kind of overview would be useful. also it's be useful to
see a clear view of project atomic's roadmap, plan, priorities and who
is working on what etc.

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