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Re: [atomic-devel] centos atomic roadmap and future plans

On Thu, Apr 14, 2016, at 07:42 AM, Farkas Levente wrote:
> the question here is "centos atomic" a rebuild of "redhat atomic" or
> it's not that simple?

The current one that's promoted is the Core SIG rebuild, yes.  I would
also like to put more effort behind the SIG work.

> the most important component would be the openshift router, since
> currently there is no such component in atomic setup and without it's no
> usable project can be deployed.

Confusingly (because it hasn't been talked about a lot here in a coherent way),
we do want to support that use case and some work
has gone into ensuring that the operationally-focused aspects of
OpenShift such as the registry and router are usable without the full PaaS.

You can see some of this resulting in

We're still trying to work to share more with the great work happening in
upstream OpenShift Origin and the communities it builds on like Kubernetes.

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