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Re: [atomic-devel] ISO for cloud-init

Hi, thanks.  What i'm seeing isn't very straight forward, with no working example.  looks like a weak point with atomic, all the configuration has to be done manually each time, aside from setting the user passwords and a few basic changes.

More work needs to be done here for it to be useful to most people.  Say, for example if user-data had a simple command to call a script that was included in the ISO, something that easy would make so much sense.

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 1:28 PM, Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com> wrote:
On 04/14/2016 07:24 PM, solarflow99 wrote:
hi, thanks.  but This is a nice working example of redhat's FAQ also
has.  What i'm looking to do is extend user-data to run some commands,
or even better to call a shell script.  I don't know if runcmd can do
that.  I'll keep googling for examples I guess, just thought i'd check
here first.

If you format the user-data file as MIME multipart, you can embed both a cloud-config section and a shell script.

The multipart format is a little annoying to set up, but here's a helper script:


Matthew Barnes

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