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[atomic-devel] Containerizing etcd, Kubernetes, flannel, etc.


For some historical reason, we're shipping Fedora Atomic Host with a lot of the required container toolchain built into the host system. That is, kubernetes, etcd, flannel, and probably other tools are on the base system, not in containers. This has some problems:

1. it's inconsistent with the "containerize everything" approach, and isn't how Docker users from outside RH are used to installing them.

2. it means that any of the frequent updates to these tools force a host restart when the new ostree loads

3. for etcd, it forces a ratio of 1:1 between etcd nodes to atomic hosts

4. it prevents users from running a different version, for example if they want to jump into Kubernetes 1.1. Let alone if they want to swap Consul for etcd.

What would be involved in moving towards putting all of these tools into containers, instead?

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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