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Re: [atomic-devel] Containerizing etcd, Kubernetes, flannel, etc.

Josh Berkus <jberkus redhat com> writes:

> Folks,
> For some historical reason, we're shipping Fedora Atomic Host with a
> lot of the required container toolchain built into the host system.
> That is, kubernetes, etcd, flannel, and probably other tools are on
> the base system, not in containers.  This has some problems:
> 1. it's inconsistent with the "containerize everything" approach, and
> isn't how Docker users from outside RH are used to installing them.
> 2. it means that any of the frequent updates to these tools force a
> host restart when the new ostree loads
> 3. for etcd, it forces a ratio of 1:1 between etcd nodes to atomic hosts
> 4. it prevents users from running a different version, for example if
> they want to jump into Kubernetes 1.1.  Let alone if they want to swap
> Consul for etcd.
> What would be involved in moving towards putting all of these tools
> into containers, instead?

FYI, I am working on running etcd and flannel in a container.  It
involves running them in a runc container, before Docker starts.

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