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[atomic-devel] Procedure for adding Project Atomic Github Repos


Langdon has requested a written procedure for adding new repos, and a change in responsibilities for that. Procedure follows. Please comment if you see that I've left anything out.

Also, is there some good place to post this procedure?

Requesting a New or Migrated Repository - Normal Timeline

1. Propose the migrated or new repo privately to other contributors who are or would be directly involved with it.

2. Obtain consensus on both the need for a repo and its name.

3. Propose the new repository to the atomic-devel projectatomic io mailing list. The proposal should include some background sufficient for people not involved with the code to understand the request.

4. Wait about one week for feedback.

5. If there are no substantial objections, then the new repo is considered approved.

6. Project Atomic github admin will add the repo.

The initial Github admin is me. Backup admin, in the event that I'm on PTO or otherwise not available, Daniel Veillard and/or Colin Walters can act as backup admins.

Requesting a New or Migrated Repository - Accelerated Timeline

Sometimes we will need to add new repositories faster than the above procedure allows. Usually this will be because of either a Red Hat product launch, or a long delay due to waiting on external approval for something. For this, the procedure is as follows:

1. The relevant team lead will send an email to the Atomic Github admin explaining the need for the repository and why it is a rush request.

2. The Atomic Github admin will either add the project, or decide that it needs to go through the normal process.

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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