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[atomic-devel] Unanswered questions on ask.projectatomic.io

Atomic Devs:

The following questions have been posted to ask.projectatomic.io and have received no useful answers. Since Ask is one of the places our users come for help, it's bad to have unanswered questions hanging for months. I can't personally answer the questions below or I would.

Also, some of them are fairly interesting as questions.

Build Questions

* building QCow file: http://ask.projectatomic.io/en/question/275
* building QCow on PPC: http://ask.projectatomic.io/en/question/3593/
* creating a custom Fedora ISO: http://ask.projectatomic.io/en/question/292/

RPM-OSTree & Atomic Host questions

* Build custom Fedora 22 Atomic Host: http://ask.projectatomic.io/en/question/3216
* RPM-OSTree on an SD card: http://ask.projectatomic.io/en/question/3573
* Tying OSTree to a specific kernel version: http://ask.projectatomic.io/en/question/3248

Connections & Security

* Don't know username/password for CentOS Atomic Host:
* user-data configuration fails:
* IPv6 on containers: http://ask.projectatomic.io/en/question/3215

Other Questions

* Can I deploy Atomic Host on Azure?
  (the answer to this is no, correct?)
* Flanned failure on Vagrant
* Running the Kube-APIserver as a pod:
Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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