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Re: [atomic-devel] systemd in spc, lvm in spc

On 03/01/16 11:32, Tobias Florek wrote:

I want to run a systemd as init in a super privileged container and am
running into obstacles. Has anybody done that kind of thing before? Is
there a sample Docker file one can use?

Also I couldn't find a way to use a _separate_ lvm within the container
(to manage the container's own storage). I figured, that's not possible,
given that lvm is running mostly in the kernel. Using system-lvm from
the container works, but wreaks havoc when using systemd units (as one
could imagine). It unmounts most host's filesystems when shutting down
for instance. Are there any best practices regarding it?

Thank you in advance,
  Tobias Florek

What exactly are you trying to do? Why do you want to run systemd inside of a contaiener?

Can you just do lvm commands like this

chroot /host lvm ...

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