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Re: [atomic-devel] systemd in spc, lvm in spc


Sorry for getting back so late.

I am trying to run cluster-native glusterfs on openshift/kubernetes.
Gluster uses LVM snapshots to implement Gluster volume snapshots.

I can (and in the past did) run a systemd-nspawn container to run
systemd (and gluster), but that won't work for kubernetes. RunC is still
a bit away from a RHEL atomic or CentOS atomic release. I don't think
rkt is coming at all, so I am pretty much focused on using docker.

My preferred way is running a separate lvm within the container. I don't
think that's possible though.

Using lvm using `chroot /host lvm` does only work with hostIPC afaict.
At least it hangs when not using it. Using --noudevsync does not make it
work either.

I want to let systemd manage the container, because I don't need to run
a different boot manager and there are quiet some processes to manage
when running Gluster.

Thank you for your support,
 Tobias Florek

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