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[atomic-devel] Launching docs.projectatomic.io


One of the goals of Project Atomic has been to provide a "one-stop-shop"
web resource for all of the container technologies which Red Hat
supports.  A key part of this effort is hosting and linking
documentation on the various projects.

As such, we are launching the docs.projectatomic.io project to provide
all of our supported projects a place to host documentation if they want
it, and a place to find documentation for projects which host docs

Here's a quick summary of our plans:

* documentation will be hosted at the new subdomain of docs.projectatomic.io

* each project will get a subdirectory

* we will have automated docs build for each project based on a custom
toolchain TBD.  Ideas/help wanted.

* docs currently hosted at www.projectatomic.io will be moved over.

More detail is here:


So ... feedback?

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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