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[atomic-devel] Atomic CLI, atomic-1.10, is being built for release

This is a big release.  Lots of new features.

Special Thanks to the following contributors to this release:

Brent Baude
Colin Walters
Giuseppe Scrivano
Marius Vollmer
Saleem Ansari

## 1.10 (2016-5-25)
Improve Error Handling
- Unify error messages for no docker daemon (BZ #1300187)

Add atomic storage command
- Modify docker-storage-setup to reset storage
- Move atomic migrate to atomic storage
atomic diff improvements
- Improve docs and output messages for diff
atomic scan improvements
- Allow specification of rootfs
- Implement generic scanning in Atomic
- Do standard compliance scan without CVEs using openscap
atomic install|run
- Set PWD environment if not currently set
- Fix handling of unicode names
- Fix shell expansion on commands.
atomic hosts unlock
- Remove r/o bind mount on atomic host /usr. Replace it with writable overlay filesystem.
Support for system containers
- Add install/uninstall/update/images --system command
- Use OSTree to store layers and do containers checkouts
- Store system containers on ostree in /var/lib/containers/atomic/
- Use Skopeo to retrieve manifest and layers
- atomic pull --storage
Allow atomic command to run as non root for certain commands

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