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[atomic-devel] Consolidate Docs for ADB (and related projects) into a single repo


We'd like to consolidate the documentation related to the ADB into a new repository in ProjectAtomic GH namespace. The working name for the repo is "Developer-Docs".

The affected projects would be: ADB, Vagrant-Service-Manager and ADB-utils.

The goal of this move is to:
o Make it easier to tell a cohesive story and improve onboarding.
o Enable deeper cross-linking
o Enable easier community contribution (including downstream consumers) by centralizing docs to reduce "hunting" o Enable easier publishing to docs.projectatomic.io (very WIP/conceptual) - it will at least not make it harder

Docs that are for developers working on the tools themselves will not be moved at this time. This can be done if there is a general feeling this is valuable.

Each sub-project repo's README would be updated to direct users to the docs in the published location (initially in the new repo).

Given the impact of these changes, I'd like to see acks from an appropriate set of maintainers from each project. If a project would like an issue to ack against in their project, please reply and I will create one.

Assuming it is accepted, the conversion to AsciiDoc will be done in conjunction with this move. We may also reorder/rewrite docs as a part of this to begin telling a more cohesive and complete story.

Thank you.



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