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Re: [atomic-devel] creating qcow2 for proof of concept appliance

> So trishna just put out some content recently on how to build 

yes, I've seen them, and such articles triggered the idea

and I have made some custom os-tree builds in the past
> your goals ... project ....

typically I use fedora/centos for my REAL work (I work for web company)
but the intention of this post is only proof of concept to demonstrate the power of os-tree
out side typical cloud work loads, but indeed in appliances (ex. a headless router or a box with graphical UI running wayland)

why I think atomic is relevant?
they need atomic image updates, without package manager
they need very minimal OS that fits in some sd
the manufacturer only need http to host his blobs (ex. s3) for remote updates

what is the scope of the project?
phase 1.

a headless bootable qcow2 image with busybox, golang-based web server that just show datetime and project atomic logo (maybe os meta data ex. version)

phase 2.
a very minimal wayland graphical application that shows project atomic logo and a button to display os meta data like version, build date ..etc.

1. size (try to remove all kinds of dependencies by using staticlly linked binaries, golang,...)
2. boot speed

for fun, as I don't have any factory that produce appliances.

> how best to achive them. I'm @dustymabe in #atomic on Freenode.

I'll be there

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