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[atomic-devel] Fedora Atomic VFAD 2: Container Guidelines

We will be having a VFAD this Friday (March 10) to update and revise the
Container Guidelines based on the reviews of the first containers
submitted to FLIBs.

The tentative schedule for this VFAD is:

10:00-12:00	15:00-17:00	Part I
12:00-13:00 	17:00-18:00	Break
13:00-15:00	18:00-20:00	Part II

A specific agenda will be published Wednesday and a BlueJeans link on
Thursday.  If you can only attend part of the FAD because of your time
zone, please update the Pagure issue with your availability and specific
issues you care about so that we can adjust the agenda:


This VFAD will consist of discussion of each issue followed by updating
of the container guidelines.  Some items may require follow-up, but the
goal is to get all items settled during the VFAD.

Issues covered by this VFAD are here:


If you have additional issues, please add them to Pagure, and make sure
to tag them VFAD/containers.

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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