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[atomic-devel] Need Advice: Container Internals Lab


So, I need some advice. I know that everybody has an opinion on this kind of thing, but I really do need some ideas. I am working on building some kind of environment that people can download to run the Linux Container Internals lab [1] which I built for Red Hat Summit. There was tremendous demand to get in and I believe it would make sense to create a Fedora/OpenShift Origin all in one to download and run through the lab.

My assumptions are:

1. The CDK 3 Beta doesn't have enough disk space and also requires vagrant or some other madness which many may not be comfortable with
2. I need about 12 GB of data for the JBoss images and rhel-tools container
3. I am apprehensive to pull down official RHEL images and run them on Fedora, but not sure what to do for an upstream version. I feel like it needs to be low barrier to get started 4. The lab material really requires the use of Atomic Host (i.e. all containers), Docker and OpenShift.

My question is:

1. Should I build an all-in-one Fedora/Origin VM in Qcow2 format that users can download?

2. Can I redistribute a Fedora/Origin image?

3. Where would be a good place to distribute this? Dropbox?

[1]: https://github.com/fatherlinux/container-internals-lab

Best Regards
Scott M


Scott McCarty, RHCA

Technical Product Marketing: Containers

Email: smccarty redhat com

Phone: 312-660-3535

Cell: 330-807-1043

Web: http://crunchtools.com

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