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Re: [atomic-devel] Fedora Atomic Community Meeting Minutes 2018-04-03

On 04/04/2018 12:22 PM, Sinny Kumari wrote:
>> * ksinny get answer to "is there a plan to have a local RPM repo where I
>>   can put custom or downloaded rpms for installation with rpm-ostree ?"
> I'm not sure what exactly the question is. This operation is very much similar
> to how you would do this on a non-Atomic system today.
>> It was more of the question of having per-available Local repo so that
>> user doesn't have to perform following steps you mentioned below :)
>> They can just add their local rpms to the pre-available local repo and
>> perform rpm-ostree install pkg.

This is local package installation from a file? `rpm-ostree install /path/to/file.rpm` should
work. Am I missing something? 

> - download rpms to local directory
> - run createrepo
> - serve that directory over http(s)
> - add yum repo file into /etc/yum.repos.d/
> Now you can rpm-ostree install 'pkg' and it will look at all enabled repos.
>> There were two more questions which I parsed later from meeting logs, couldn't action them with my slow typing :)
>> 1. Any plans to make /etc stateless? Let's say I stupidly rm -rf /etc . if /etc were stateless, that wouldn't be an issue because nothing too critical would be kept there

no plans other than some discussion in an upstream issue:

>> 2. I had to add a "custom" rpm to enable firmware for my laptop. Is there any work toward enabling /usr/local/lib/firmware to work?
>> This document explains more. https://fy.blackhats.net.au/blog/html/2017/12/23/using_b43_firmware_on_fedora_atomic_workstation.html . Currently Fedora only accepts /lib/firmware Which of course is read only on atomic

I'm not really sure why /usr/local/lib/firmware isn't used by Fedora.
Maybe we can have someone from the kernel team comment. Added cc to
Laura Abbott to see if she knows why. 


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