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Re: [atomic-devel] Bare metal installation without video display??

See below for comments

On 08/22/2018 10:15 AM, Colin Walters wrote:

On Wed, Aug 22, 2018, at 11:12 AM, Bob Gustafson wrote:
Hi Colin

Thanks very much for your comments.

(I have had some success - see my email which was sent 3 mins before 

I tried accessing your bugzilla.redhat link, but got:

      You are not authorized to access bug #1057271.
OK, I'll see about getting that bug opened up.  In the meantime,
see the docs in

The code exists in Fedora too, but per my PR seems broken by a very small bug.
I looked at Kickstart awhile ago, but the docs start out saying:
"The recommended approach to creating Kickstart files is to perform a manual installation on one system first. After the installation completes, all choices made during the installation are saved into a file named anaconda-ks.cfg..."
I haven't yet succeeded in my 1st manual installation..

Since I have my tftpboot pxeboot greased up, perhaps I will try 'inst.ks=..' as covered in Procedure 26.2

Thanks for your comments.

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