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[atomic] Installer

Hello Atomic Team,

I have not done enough playing with Atomic to fully understand the process so please excuse me if this question is completely off.

I see that a lot goes into the work of creating builds which to my understanding is basically stripped down versions of fedora 20 and Cantos 7 (Coming soon) and rolling out to cloud providers like Digital Ocean will take a lot of time because images need to be built that support the cloud providers in question and then the cloud provider needs to make the image available to their customers.

My question:

Is it possible to model the image creation after the cloudlinux installer? With cloudlinux it doesn't matter which cloudprovider a person uses as long as the cloud provider has CentOS images.

To spin up a cloudlinux instance on a provider like digitalocean I would just provision a CentOS image then whet the cloudlinux installer then run it. The installer converts the CentOS VM to a Cloudlinux VM and sets it to pull from the proper repositories.

Would it be possible to have an installer that could convert running Fedora and Cantos 7 VM's to Atomic Hosts?

It just seems to me if this is possible it would greatly improve the adoption rate in which people could use Atomic Hosts with the cloud provider or bare metal datacenter of their choice.


Stephen Major

Sent from Surface Pro

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