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[atomic-devel] rpm-ostree v2015.2

I'm updating Fedora rawhide and CentOS 7 Atomic to
rpm-ostree v2015.2:


Note this depends on ostree v2015.2:

James and I worked on compose-side fixes, primarily around /etc/passwd
handling.  The next step in that saga is:

(And of course, we need to figure out some equivalent to
 this for building Docker containers, per another thread
 on this list)

Matthew fixed bugs in the "db" command, and also improved
the progress reporting to match OSTree's, which has transfer
rate.  Some further improvements are inbound in that area too.

One thing I want to highlight too that's not in this release
is that over the holidays I made good progress on:
There's a git branch which will probably stay outstanding for
the next month while we keep working on release engineering
issues (e.g. the lack of versioning on commits in both 
Fedora and CentOS Atomic).  After that though I'd like to
merge the branch, because it enables a lot of neat and exciting

Colin Walters (26):
      upgrade: s/update/upgrade/ in text
      Merge pull request #71 from cgwalters/s-update-upgrade
      buildutil: Import some test helpers from json-glib
      tests: Enable glib-tap.mk
      tests/jsonutil: New test
      compose: Support "preserve-passwd" option (enabled by default)
      Merge pull request #79 from cgwalters/wip/preserve-passwd
      postprocess: Don't g_critical if previous commit doesn't have version
      Merge pull request #82 from cgwalters/version-bug
      compose: Use *at() relative lookups for xattrs
      Merge pull request #84 from cgwalters/fd-relative-xattrs
      Use gsystem GKeyFile cleanups
      Use gs_fd_close instead of internal _cleanup_close_
      Merge pull request #86 from cgwalters/cleanup-cleanup-again
      compose: Fix lookup of previous /etc/passwd
      Merge pull request #87 from cgwalters/previous-etc-passwd-continued
      compose: Convert metadata handling into builder
      Merge pull request #89 from cgwalters/metadata-builder
      compose: Raise up the code to read the previous (OSTree) commit
      Merge pull request #91 from cgwalters/hoist-previous-tree-read
      compose: Move the passwd/group migration code to passwd-util
      Rework passwd/group migration to deduplicate
      Merge pull request #93 from cgwalters/passwd-deduplicate
      Require ostree/libgsystem v2015.1
      Release 2015.1
      Release 2015.2

Ed Santiago (1):
      status: Show version field if any commits have versions

James Antill (1):
      compose: Add check-passwd/group JSON options, fails compose if uids/gids change

Matthew Barnes (4):
      Fix error handling in rpmhdrs_rpmdbv()
      Merge pull request #72 from mbarnes/fix-db-version
      Use ostree_repo_pull_default_console_progress_changed()
      Merge pull request #77 from mbarnes/pull-progress

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