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Re: [atomic-devel] Concerns about pushing Docker 1.10 into Fedora23

On 02/15/2016 05:31 AM, Daniel J Walsh wrote:

On 02/14/2016 09:29 PM, Jon Stanley wrote:
On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 8:19 PM, Jeremy Eder <jeder redhat com> wrote:
Could we prompt the user to optionally prune unused images before migrating?
(maybe those that haven't been used in the last 30 days...)
Can't very well prompt the user during an unattended upgrade :)

Another question - how is such a thing handled in Atomic, where there
is no RPM transaction on the host to run %post scripts (which I assume
is where this migration is occurring?). This is probably relevant not
just for this, but other things as well that might require
host-specific configuration be updated as part of updating a package.

We are in discussions on this now.  Currently it would happen after the
when docker starts, which could cause you to run without containers for
the time
it takes to update.  I believe you should still be able to rollback to
docker-1.9 though.
QE Is experimenting with this now.

I'd like to blog this for our users; when do we think we'll know what we're doing in Atomic Host?

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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