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Re: [atomic-devel] systemd in spc, lvm in spc

On 03/07/2016 04:06 AM, Tobias Florek wrote:

Sorry for getting back so late.

I am trying to run cluster-native glusterfs on openshift/kubernetes.
Gluster uses LVM snapshots to implement Gluster volume snapshots.

I can (and in the past did) run a systemd-nspawn container to run
systemd (and gluster), but that won't work for kubernetes. RunC is still
a bit away from a RHEL atomic or CentOS atomic release. I don't think
rkt is coming at all, so I am pretty much focused on using docker.

My preferred way is running a separate lvm within the container. I don't
think that's possible though.

Using lvm using `chroot /host lvm` does only work with hostIPC afaict.
At least it hangs when not using it. Using --noudevsync does not make it
work either.

I want to let systemd manage the container, because I don't need to run
a different boot manager and there are quiet some processes to manage
when running Gluster.

Thank you for your support,
  Tobias Florek
Where does lvm within the host fail? Are you mounting in the /dev into the container? Probably would work better with docker-1.10 release, since there have been fixes for sharing
of /dev into the container.

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