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Re: [atomic-devel] Discussion: How to keep image files in sync across repos

Stephen Milner <smilner redhat com> writes:

> I took a quick look at the docs. distgen works in the same way I
> originally was thinking of in terms of generating downstream files
> from upstream. I'll spend some time this afternoon trying it out.
> Thanks again!

for the system containers in principle there might be more differences,
like in the config.json.template file.  The only one I am aware of right
now is that on CentOS/RHEL there is no CAP_AUDIT_READ while we have it
on Fedora.

Privileged containers need to have two different configurations:



One easy way to solve it could be to define another variable from atomic
$ALL_CAPS that gets its value at installation time instead of listing
all the caps in the config.json.template file.


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