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[atomic-devel] Containerization and Atomic


My team [1] has been containerizing new services and our goal is to not only provide more content in containers, but also provide an easy way to test them and resolve open questions that pop up along the way (configuration, orchestration-specific issues...).
We'd like to start participate more in the Atomic WG where it makes sense, so I have a few questions for start.

* Is the Atomic WG interested in additional content/images?
* Do you have something like a content plan or wish list at least?
With our images, we're also aiming OpenShift, so it could make sense for us to take on anything that would make deployment on AH and kubernetes as easy as possible.
* How much do you care about images being "modular" [2]?
Who can I bug with documentation? Along creating images, we're trying to standardize some processes so we produce lots of documents. I've started updating CBP [3] where we'll be adding these. However, I think the document already obsoletes some parts of the projectatomic.io/docs site..

Thank you,

[1] https://github.com/container-images
[2] https://docs.pagure.org/modularity/docs.html
[3] https://github.com/projectatomic/container-best-practices

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