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[atomic-devel] About Anaconda in Atomic

Hello guys.

As a user of the Docker, I would like to discuss a better offer to the Anaconda installer (inside the atomic project). Well, the anaconda project is very interesting for both servers, and to desktop ' s. However, in the case of server Docker, seem somewhat "unnecessary" the idea of manipulating graphics and practical complexity and partitioning of anaconda.

In my view, it would be productive to use something along the lines of Vmware Photon (which is a distribution based on RedHat systems also). Basically there's a package manager that is a variant of (dnf), the tdnf, and basically everything is applied by systemd ... being a minimalist distribution.

In fact, wich the need to use x11 e\ou wayland modules for this type of server? Atomic really need this feature? Are questions, interesting questions. Let's think of something more lightweight and goal?


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