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Re: [atomic-devel] Add Nvidia GPU to Centos Atomic Node

On Wed, Nov 8, 2017, at 02:29 PM, Stephen Milner wrote:

> What about literally providing dkms in a container? It wouldn't
> directly take care of the original request but it would give an avenue
> for folks to use the dkms toolchain if they'd like to in AH without
> package layering.

Maybe?  Are we trying to replace dkms for yum-managed systems too?
I'm a bit worried about the sustainability of adding a whole other model
to dkms without trying to delete one at the same time.   That said,
it might not be *too* hard to get a PoC here.

Offhand I feel like focusing on cri-o/kube in-syscontainers is more important?
Just today I saw from IRC chat:

Yet there's no
for any *AH =(  (Or for that matter Fedora...I just glanced at it
and it looks like it's python2, which brings us to

Though someone who's doing e.g. OpenShift-on-AH and
wants to do GPGPU/ML using Nvidia GPUs in their cluster
might have a different perspective!

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